Signs that you need to replace your roof

by | Nov 17, 2016 | Roofers

A roof is the top most part of your home and serves you in many ways. It can be used to control the temperature of your home by the way it is constructed and prevents foreign objects from entering your home from above. Your roofing in Derby also protects you from weather conditions like storms, snow, sunshine and cold conditions.

 * Dirty looking or dark stained areas on your roof – This mostly occurs if algae and fungi are growing on your roof. The two cause the shingles base to loosen as they eat it away. The problem is predominant in humid and warm areas. If the problem is not fixed, the decay can affect the sheathing panels. The panels connect the rafters and the shingles and if the connection becomes weak, then you roof can be carried away by storms or have a sagging effect where it is affected.

 * Leaking roofs – They are signs that your roofing in Derby needs to be repaired soon. In most cases leaking roofs are not easy to detect and are only detected after they have caused a lot of damage in the home. One way to detect a leaking roof is the presence of mould and ceilings with watermarks. Call a professional to inspect the roof for you if you notice any of the signs.

* Buckled, cracked, curled, or missing shingles – Shingles can last between 20 to 25 years. Their durability is affected by weather conditions, their age, your location, and the quality of the shingle. When they get damaged, they can curl upwards, crack and they can be carried away by storms during windy days.

Call us to inspect your roof to determine if it needs to be repaired or replaced. Our specialists at W R Leivers will restore the integrity of the roof and secure the structure of your premises professionally. You can trust our work as we have the equipment and the skill needed.

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