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Damp proofing is one of the best things you can do for your property. Dampness is easily the biggest enemy to the structure of your home. Dampness causes both wet and dry rot and can also cause mould growth and structural damage to your property. Keeping damp at bay can be a full time job if you do not have the support of the right company that specializes in keep damp down in your home.

Retard Dry/Wet Rot

Rot needs certain conditions to thrive in if you do not have the right conditions it will not be able to survive. A lot of people think that “dry rot” is not relative to dampness but it is in fact spread because of dampness. It is a fungus that needs moisture to thrive. The proper treatment can keep all rot away.

Rising Damp

When dampness rises up the wall whether it is brick or stone it looks like you may have a stain on the wall. Brick and stone can act like it is a sponge it can absorb damp and will eventually start to crumble under the stress of the extra moisture. It can be repaired with the right services. Leaking gutters or a damaged damp barrier can be the culprit that causes this condition but without some professional assessment it can be hard to tell what the cause is.

Deal with Penetrating Damp

Penetrating damp can be a huge issue. Damp can penetrate through roofs, walls and even the ground areas. You need to get some immediate attention or you risk serious damage to the structure of your property. The right service will be able to locate the problem and give you options for repairs. You can visit here to get more information.

Damp Proofing is the Cure

There are many situations that can be avoided that are very serious problems not only to the structure but also to you and your family’s health:

* Mould growth

* Dangerous structural damages

The growth of mould in a property and the health effects it can have on the residents is well documented. Protecting your family from dangerous respiratory infections caused by mould growth is something that damp proofing can easily take care of. Soggy unsafe timbers can cause severe structural damage that may leave a property unsafe for inhabitation. Exposing your family to the potential dangers of an unsafe dwelling can easily be diverted by getting professional help!

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