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Fire is one of the most frightening emergencies that affect homes and lives. A fire can be caused by an act of nature, such as a lightning strike or it can be caused by neglect, such as a campfire. Mostly, however, fires are generally caused by accidents or unforeseen conditions and in such situations there is usually a fire alarm that can alert people nearby to call the fire department.

When a fire alarm goes off in a town such as Tunbridge Wells, the fire department acts as quickly as possible. There are many hundreds of listed and protected buildings in such historical towns and they need protection from fires, probably more so than many newer buildings. Most new buildings have internal fire alert systems built into construction and they have automatic sprinklers and other help aids to put out fires, alert the fire department and help get people out of the building safely. Older buildings might have no protection whatsoever, other than a fire alarm attached to the ceiling, or a smoke alarm that has been added as an accessory. The older buildings require priority attention because, as fragile as most of them are, they will would no doubt burn down within minutes, rather than hours and not only is it is sad loss if someone is hurt, but the building can never be replaced, either.

A little Royal Tunbridge Wells History

Royal Tunbridge Wells is one of the oldest and most historic towns in the south of England. Known for many things, including The Pantiles—the historic center of Tunbridge Wells—the town was a famous Spa town during the Georgian era, the Springs attracting visitors from far afield who came to take in the waters. It is possible, according to evidence, that the area that became Royal Tunbridge Wells was originally farmed by Iron Age people. They also mined the area because of the rich rocks around the location. The late seventeenth century was around the time that the town began to grow permanently, with buildings springing up or a more permanent basis. The Pantiles was the center of the town and the long road where most of the shops were built. It is still a thriving hopping center of the town.

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