Stopping the Thieves at Gatwick

by | Jul 13, 2014 | Business Support

Any passenger will no doubt be aware of the burglar alarms at Gatwick airport. Most passenger will know that once they get ‘air side’ they will encounter some exit doors that have alarms on them. Those alarmed doors are essential to prevent civilians from getting outside onto the concourse and interfering with the running of the airplanes. Other places in an airport where passengers might see a burglar alarm would be on inside security doors where passengers or non-employees are prohibited from entering.

Around Gatwick there are also a multitude of offices that require burglar alarms and security. There are many varying types of security alarms for various different applications. Most complex security alarms systems will have a PCU—premises control unit—which will be the brains of the entire system. It can read all the inputs from sensors and track the status of the alarm, whether is it armed or disarmed. Within the building, or attached the ‘employees only’ door is a sensor, which can sense an intrusion or an unauthorized entry. Once that sensor picks up the intrusion or unauthorized entry it will send an instance signal to an alerting device, such as a siren, flashing lights, or a silent alarm that notifies authorities such as police.

Setting up such Alarms

An airport will probably have a huge integrated alarm system, but an office within the Gatwick airport will be independently operated and therefore will be on its own system. Security alarms and devices detect movement that is not authorized, unlawful entry to the office, and can record it with the use of surveillance cameras and recording devices. Various types of sensors include infra-red, ultra-sonic, photo-electric beams and microwave. Photo-electric beams are similar to those you might see in a James Bond movie or a movie that has a jewel heist or a theft from a museum. The red beams are more or less invisible to the naked eyes but once they are broken by an unlawful entry they alarm sounds automatically and can also send signals to doors and shutters to automatically lock, leaving the thief trapped inside, waiting for the police. That is very much a movie idea, but the general idea of the alarm is just the same.

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