The steps involved in the conveyancing process

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It’s time to move – you’ve bought or sold a home and now you are immersed in packing boxes, finding new schools and letting suppliers know of your address change. Amidst all these other details is an even more important issue, which is finding good conveyancers in the Caversham district. If it’s your first home purchase, the process of transferring the title deeds of the home will be unfamiliar to you. However, you need to know exactly what the process is to ensure that you hire the right firm of attorneys and get charged the right price.

The process of conveyancing

In theory the process of conveyancing sounds simple but, in realty, it isn’t. Conveyancers should be conducting searches with local authorities, utility companies, and other bodies on behalf of the buyer to ensure that there are no problems with the property being purchased. There is a wealth of by-laws in certain areas, including Caversham, and these can come as a nasty surprize to certain buyers. For example, on one property it was found that it was liable for local church repairs; another had a sewer running close to the property. These are not normally things that people look at when considering a purchase – they’re more concerned about the aspect of the home and the size of the bedrooms.

Your attorney should also let you know of the total range of costs that will be incurred, such as stamp duty and any other likely disbursements. Another aspect is to study the official title deed documents and to ensure that the boundary lines, which will usually be in red, match the understanding the buyers have of what they are purchasing. Too often, a piece of land next to the home that they assumed was part of the property is actually not. Only with professional help can buyers be assured that they are buying exactly what they thought they were, and that there are no hidden clauses that can cause expense later in the day. You can visit here to get more details.

Conveyancers will check, or draft, the contracts required for the purchase and should make certain that your mortgage lender has the information needed about the property. Ultimately, they will register you with the Land Registry as the new owners and will pay out all fees on your behalf when the transaction is concluded (fees to estate agents, stamp duty etc.).

Working with the right firm of conveyancers

It should be noted that all solicitors are qualified to act as conveyancers, but there are also licensed conveyancers who dedicate themselves to this work. Some solicitors have been tested by the Law Society and, having obtained consistently high standards of conveyancing, are entitled to carry a logo that states that they are in the Conveyancing Quality Scheme.

Having conveyancers in Caversham handle the transfer of your title deeds is essential to avoid hidden problems. Harrison’s Solicitors have in-depth knowledge of the law and of the Reading and Caversham districts.

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