Tips to Care for Your Air Conditioner this winter

by | Dec 10, 2015 | Business

With colder weather moving in, you may not be thinking much about your air conditioning system; after all you won’t need it until next season, right? The fact is that even when the unit is not being used, it is essential that you take care to ensure it is going to run properly when warmer weather returns. Some tips to help care for your air conditioning in Cheltenham can be found here.

Schedule Service for the AC Unit

Now is the time to think about scheduling regular AC service. It is important to do it while the temperature is mild, rather than freezing. When you set up a tune-up for your unit, you will be able to minimize the effects of a number of different air conditioner service issues. During the tune-up, the service provider will check the electrical connections, clean the equipment and change the air filter, among other services.

Add Foam Pipe Covers

If you have any exposed, exterior pipes, now is the time to consider adding foam pipe covers. These can provide a huge savings and minimize the potential for them freezing when the temperatures drop.

Clear out the Area near the AC Unit

During the milder weather, it is a good idea to clear out the area close to the AC unit to ensure there are no leaves or other debris that may harm the performance of the unit. It will also allow a technician to easily access the unit when service is needed. This is a service that you can do all year long to ensure the unit can perform at maximum efficiency. Ideally, you should keep about two or three feet of space around the unit completely free from any type of debris. You can visit here for more information.

These are just a few tips that will help to ensure the air conditioner is ready for the winter weather. With the changing of the seasons, it is essential that you keep the system in mind to ensure that it can start working properly when warmer weather sets in. Remember, in most cases, calling in the professionals for this service will be the best option since they will know what to do, how to do it and why service is so important. No one wants to have to suffer from a poorly functioning unit and with the tips here, this will not be an issue.

If you are searching for service for your Air Conditioning in Cheltenham, contact the professionals from EESI LTD today for more information.

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