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BMW has long been known for building top of the line vehicles; in 1999 the company entered the midsize luxury SUV market with the X5. The X5 was the first four wheel drive vehicle the company produced.

The X5, although capable of carrying five passengers in comfort, still has mass appeal due to its sporty nature; it is easy to see how business people and the county club set have all taken to it. This vehicle has all the style that one expects of a luxury vehicle but it manages to couple this with muscle, allowing it to easily shed its sophisticated city attire and get prepared for a day in the country.

Although the X5 is sporty, don’t expect it to perform like a Ferrari or Lamborghini, BMW car hire in London offers the X5 because it gives ample performance, it can get to 60 mph in less than eight seconds, and at the same time hit a top speed of almost 140 mph. For the sophisticated individual who hires a vehicle of this nature to travel the byways of the English countryside, the fact that the vehicle sips fuel is an all important feature. When you have a car that gives over 38 mpg it is not necessary to be overly concerned where the next petrol station is. The three litre six cylinder engine coupled with an automatic transmission and four wheel drive, makes this car an absolute dream to drive.

When you opt for BMW car hire in London there are numerous features and benefits, one that might be overlooked is the huge amount of driver’s seat adjustment. The seat itself is really designed for comfort, it offers great support and the visibility from the cockpit is very good. Perhaps it is this feature that makes the BMW X5 the ideal machine for a hire car company. The controls are very easy to understand and the infotainment system is by far the best found in any large SUV.

If you are visitor to the UK, whether for business or pleasure you will want to hire a vehicle, there is no better choice than BMW car hire in London. The X5 brings sophistication to a vehicle that is plenty tough enough to tackle any roads thrown at it. When the occasion arrases when you’re next stop is one of London’s better known restaurants or clubs, you know that when you arrive in a BMW you will be arriving in a vehicle known for world class style and luxury.