Types of Metalwork Welding Services Offered by Fabrication Companies

by | Jul 19, 2014 | Business Support

The process of welding is used in many industries. High in demand, these metalwork services can be completed by someone with relevant experience and a certificate. Each year, approximately 950 man hours are spent on welding for race cars alone, proving how essential welding methods are in today’s world. The process involves the joining of materials through melting workpieces and adding filler material. Whatever you are considering getting these metalwork services for, it’s best to learn about the main services offered by fabrication companies before you pay up.

Stainless TIG Welding

Usually, this type of metalwork will involve welding stainless and mild steels. Whether they are inverter or transformer based, the process involves connecting welder leads, selecting the tungsten size and current, assembling with a welding torch, and setting up the gas flow. A common shielding gas for TIG welding is Pure Argon, because it can be used with lots of common materials. However, Helium is sometimes used, too.

Aluminium TIG Welding

Just like the process of TIG welding with stainless steel, aluminium metalwork involves a very precise method. It if often completed with aluminium, because this metal is flexible, lightweight and corrosion resistant. Virtually all metals can be TIG welded in addition to aluminium, such as nickel alloys, carbon and low alloy steels, titanium, magnesium, niobium, tungsten and unobtainium. Aluminium TIG welding is popular for hot rods, chopper applications and automotive parts, among many other things. The metal has a unique set of requirements, therefore care should be taken when completing the job.

Carbon Steel MIG Welding

Material that is 24-gauge up to half an inch thick can be welded with carbon steel MIG welding. This metalwork involves a continuous solid wire electrode being fed through a welding gun. Once it has been fed, it will go into a weld pool, where two base materials will then be joined together. Also known as “Gas Metal Arc Welding” (GMAW), it is a relatively easy process to learn, which explains why so many people choose these services. Depending on the metal’s amounts of special additives, it will be prepared in a certain way. Before a professional welds carbon steel, he/she will check for fraying, remove excess spatter from contact tubes, and set the flow rate to 20-25 cubic feet per hour.

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