Understanding the Job Role of a Sheet Metal Worker

by | Nov 5, 2014 | Business

Take a look around you – roofs, automobiles, air conditioning systems – these are just a few examples of things that one might see every day. While most people know what they are used for, few are aware of the fact that they are produced by a sheet metal worker. One of the most diverse skilled trades of them all, the Sheet Metal trade is relied on by commercial, industrial, and residential industries. Cutting, bending, shaping – you name it, a professional in this industry can do it.

What Does a Sheet Metal Worker Do?
Sheet metal work is one of the most unique trades, and requires technical craft and precise skill. Commercial, residential and industrial buildings will usually be constructed with some type of sheet metal, from the rain gutters and siding to the handrails and outdoor signs. A professional will read plans with concentration, before measuring, bending, cutting and shaping the metal. A thin piece of sheet metal will then be applied to the pieces to form a completely new product. Any necessary adjustments will be completed after a close inspection of the finished product.

What Skills are Required?
There are a few things that a sheet metal worker must know in order to thrive in this busy industry. Also known as platers, these professionals will make containers, panels, cylinders and pipes on a daily basis. Light metal will be used to construct products like car panels, whereas heavier metal will be used for gas platform construction jobs. The metalworker must be able to read drawings, instructions, blueprints and diagrams to meet customer demands. Additionally, he or she will need to have experience using equipment like grinders, rollers, pressers and power tools.

Finding a Sheet Metal Specialist
Finding a skilled tradesman who can be relied on to customise and fabricate metal can take time and patience, but it will be worth it. Many workers will be self-employed or will work for a company. Use the Internet to read customer reviews and if the specialist is employed by a company, it may be worth finding out a little about the company’s background. As a labour-intensive job, it’s imperative that you ask about rates at the very beginning, because a difficult job may cost a lot of money if rates are set on a per-hour basis.

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