Wall Ties Failing to Work? An Expert Can Provide a Solution for You!

by | May 29, 2017 | Business

When a building is constructed of blocks or brickwork, a technique that is often used is a cavity wall. This is when two walls are used to build the structure and has a hollow middle between the two walls. The area is then filled with insulation to help control the temperature of the building. With this process, the outer wall is used to prevent water from being able to penetrate the interior of the building. With a better air flow through the two walls, it will prevent moisture from collecting that can cause damage to the structure. To help keep the two walls connected, wall ties in Brighton are used to secure the walls into place. If they should fail to work, it is important to have them quickly replaced.

Two Common Reasons that a Wall Tie Might Weaken

One reason wall ties in Brighton might fail to work is they were installed poorly during the original construction stage of the building. The contractor used the wrong size or inserted the ties incorrectly into the mortar between the bricks. The most common cause for them failing to work is merely age, they will begin to corrode over time from the chemical change in the mortar. They will begin to rust until a layer is formed to cause the tie to push out of the wall.

Secure Your Outer Walls with Quality Workmanship

If you have noticed signs of the ties failing to work on the cavity wall of your building, you should consult with a professional. An expert can determine if you have a problem and how to fix the issue at a reasonable price. At CavityTech Systems Ltd, they will find the most appropriate way to repair the problem and decrease the chance of other structural damage being caused to your property.

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