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Wales has a reputation of being one of the wettest parts of the United Kingdom and that’s from the meteorologist’s office, so it is pretty official. Wales’s population of around three million seem quite happy with the weather conditions, but it is very possible that many of the farmers tend to spend a great deal of time mending fencing in North Wales and the south of the country. There are high winds that come off the Atlantic via the south of Ireland, and these can affect most of the country.

Wales—land of the Celts—goes back to the Neolithic period, where chambered tombs have been found on the small island of Anglesey, which is just off the coast of Northern Wales. Somewhere around ten to twelve thousands years ago hunter gatherers came over from Europe, during the Mesolithic period. Before the world changed and the United Kingdom became an island, the land between the eastern coast of England and the west coast of the Netherlands and Denmark were connected by a landmass because the waters were so shallow. The Peninsula of Doggerland attached what was yet to be England—but as yet unnamed—to the mainland of Europe.

Look Out, the Romans are Coming

During about 48 A.D Wales was invaded by the Romans, whose reign lasted for more than three hundred years. Hundreds of historical Roman artifacts have been found in and around the entire country of Wales, including coins, jugs, tools, weapons, shields, and other precious items of interest. After the Romans left the entire south of England was pretty much unguarded and unclaimed and became seriously overrun with a wide variety of people of Germanic, Indo-European roots. Wales did not escape the clutches of these people either and basically the next four hundred years or so of Welsh history is nigh on impossible to know or calculate. The map of Wales—or what was to become Wales—was completely different in those days, also. Since the Romans had changed the landscape of the entire area of England and Wales they had created a new map, which included Roman names for many of the settlements and towns they had established, as well as small hamlets and villages.

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