Why You Should Upgrade Your Roof Using Rubberbond

by | Jun 30, 2014 | Business

If you are sick and tired of continually calling your local roofer to make simple repairs to your home, then you should consider upgrading your roof using Rubberbond. Rubberbond is completely water resistant, so it is great if you continually experience leaks from your roof. Over time, shingles can become loose and this can allow a lot of water through to your home. Your belongings may become water damaged and you may also find that your home experiences damp. By installing a waterproof roofing solution, you can help to prevent all this by completely eliminating the chances of a leak occurring.

What Does Rubberbond Do

Rubberbond uses a single ply membrane. This membrane breathes, which allows the vapours to escape the roof without forming cracks or blisters. This is great, because you won’t need to make any roof repairs for years to come. Another great thing about Rubberbond is that it is completely flexible, so your roofing specialist can install it over your existing roof with no worries at all. It doesn’t matter what shaped roof you have and it doesn’t matter how large or damaged your roof is. Your roofing specialist will be able to do it all for you, and within a matter of hours your roof could be completely protected against the elements.

How Long Does Rubberbond Last

Rubberbond roofing is proven to last over 50 years, which makes it great if you want a long term solution to your roofing problems. You will also find that Rubberbond roofing is completely resistant to both wind and hail, so you never need to worry about it peeling off or becoming damaged by adverse conditions. Another great thing about Rubberbond is that it is very affordable to purchase. It doesn’t matter whether your using it on your commercial roof or even on the roof of your family home, the possibilities are endless when it comes to Rubberbond. Rubberbond is usually black in color, so it doesn’t show up dirt easily at all. You will also find that it can be installed over almost any roof, regardless of whether you have tiles, slates or even a flat roof. Simply remove the existing tiles, and install your Rubberbond to instantly feel the benefits. Contact your roofing contractor in Weston Super Mare today to find out more.

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