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When it comes to finding a metal fabrication company that can do most anything required of, you want to know that the company has all the bases covered when it comes to being able to hand different types of materials, such as aluminum and stainless steel and has the capability to provide brazing, Tig welding and all other types of welding.

No Need to Go to Several Places

When a company is fully equipped with the latest welding technology to meet all their customers’ requirements it makes it unnecessary to go around town for different welding jobs. The capabilities of one company should include TIG or Tungsten Inert Gas for stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel, brass and copper. MIG or Metal Inert Gas for stainless steel, aluminum and mild steel. Other methods adopted for joining metals include silver soldering and soft soldering. Spot welds, CD stud and MMA or Manual Metal Arc/Stick are the other state of the art processes that are be adopted by the company.

Tig Welding Offers a Superior Weld

TIG & MIG methods are known to be the most commonly used welding processes in the sheet metal and general fabrication industry. Tig welding is commonly used in the sheet as the resulting weld is uniform, with good physical and chemical properties. Resistance and spot, projection, seam, solid state, electron beam and laser are the other welding processes that are being used by many companies.

Putting it Together

A weld occurs when similar pieces of metal are joined by causing the interface to solidifying as a uniform metal joint. Soldering is suitable for light-duty jointing of sheets, tubes, and electrical connections. The solder is an alloy of lead-tin. Brazing is a joining process, which is similar to soldering, but uses filler material that has a significantly higher melting point. All of these and other processes are adopted by SAMS Fabrications, and they are happy to serve you and provide custom work per specifications.