What are roofing tiles?

by | Jul 17, 2014 | Home Improvement

Roof tiles are an extremely durable uppermost layer for a roof. A classic material choice is terra cotta and a classic design is pantiles which, when installed create a ridge and gutter effect although there are many other designs as well. Tile roofs are often associated with homes which have a traditional Mediterranean look to them, especially Spanish. Although they are normally seen in milder climates they are equally as useable on any home located anywhere. These tiles are available through roofing supply companies.

Other than slate, tiles are perhaps the longest lasting and most durable of all roofing surfaces.  A tile roof can easily last a century or more. Although terra cotta is often thought of as the material for roofing tiles they are also available as ceramic tiles or concrete tiles. The tile can be moulded which forms the ridge and gutter installation or they can be purchased as flat shingles. Some roofers in Reading offer tiles from manufacturers who produce roof tiles which are made from re-cycled material; this is quite common with concrete tiles where the material used is recycled aggregate. Although the cost of the tile may not be affected, these tiles are certainly environmentally friendly alternatives.

Although tiles have many positive points there is one drawback; weight. Tiles are composed of materials which are by nature quite heavy, this means that the roof structure must be built to stand the load. In areas of the country where heavy snow can be expected, the additional snow load makes the situation worse. Although reinforcing the roof structure is expensive, with the long life expectancy of the roof the extra expense can be justified.

The classic tile roof is red terra cotta in colour but the tiles are available in a host of different colours with gray, light yellow and cream being quite popular. To make the completed roof look more interesting roofers in Reading can fit ornamental caps to conceal the ends of the tiles.

As roof tiles are made from natural materials it is not always possible to find a replacement tile which is an exact match. Any roofer in Reading will suggest that a number of spare tiles be purchased at the time the roof is installed, just in case a tile gets broken or otherwise damaged and needs replacing. If the tile roof is being installed on a new home then the roof structure will have been designed and built to accommodate the weight, if tiles are being used as a whole house replacement material it may be necessary to reinforce the existing structure.

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