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When you are thinking of accommodations for your holiday, it is easy to think of the obvious. Yet, there are many different types of holiday accommodation available from which to choose. Why allow yourself to get stuck in the same old, same old. Consider the different choices, do your research, and make the leap into something unique, unusual and even different – or at least try something unlike your norm. To help you out, a list of different types of holiday accommodation are provided below.

Bed and Breakfast

If you are looking for privacy, something unique in lovely surroundings, consider staying at a bed and breakfast (B&B). Breakfast is part of the deal. You may find yourself out in the countryside or on a quiet residential street. Your host is the owner, so you have access to specific and insider information about the area. Arrange to eat in or dine out. What you prefer and how you spend your days and nights is up to you.

Boutique Hotel

Expensive, unique and very chic are words that describe this type of holiday accommodation. With f stars added to its name, you may need to prepare your pocketbook to take a big hit. Yet, you can luxuriate in all these smaller hotels have to offer you.


For those who want to get away from it all and bring the family, an inexpensive type of holiday accommodation may be a campsite. These accommodate caravans and/or tens. They may or may not come with electrical hook-ups and other amenities. Some are singular efforts; others are part of a chain. They work best if you are capable of enjoying living in close quarters.

Guest House

If you want to combine a type of bed and breakfast experience with that of living on your own, consider a guest house. These are generally residences that have been totally converted to house “guests.” There are shared and private spaces. Meals can be prepared in situ or taken off site.


If you are living on a tight budget, your holiday accommodation may well be a hostel. Hostels suit travellers with backpacks as well as those with the endurance of the young. If you do not like sleeping in dorms and sharing common spaces and bathrooms, this is not for you.


This is the standard form of hotel accommodation. They are found throughout the UK and the world. They come in all sizes and conditions. They are local efforts or, more often, part of chains. They can be luxurious or not. They may have an onsite restaurant or you may be near a variety of fast food and sit-down eateries.


Resorts are large hotel-like units. They often function as playgrounds for those with a certain amount of money, although they do offer special packages. Resorts may be all-inclusive. The dwellings of this type of holiday accommodation tend to be smaller units spread around a compound.

Vacation Rentals or Self-Catering

Vacation rentals are homes, or apartments. They can also be condos and other types of holiday residences. Essentially, you live in these places as if they were your own. They come fully furnished with everything a home needs to cater to a group of people or family, including all kitchen items.

Holiday Accommodation

When it comes time to choose your holiday accommodation, do your research. If you decide to go with something different, make certain everyone agrees they can live in that way. It is fine to opt for something different, but you have to make certain everyone understands what the change in holiday accommodation will mean.

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