When to Seek Emergency Services for Your Pet

by | Dec 2, 2016 | Veterinarian

Pet owners care for their animals with all their might and resources. Unfortunately, when the pets fall ill, some owners are not able to distinguish between when to let the pet just rest and when to rush the pet to a vet for emergency services. How can you identify signs that your pet needs emergency care services?

Discoloured mucus or persistent sneezing – Consistent sneezing is a sign of allergies or a serious condition. You need to take your pet to an emergency vet so that the sneezing does not develop to a serious chronic condition.

External injuries – Visible injuries such as broken bones are serious injuries and you should bring your pet to the vet immediately. If broken bones are not attended to, they can lead to skin deformation and are painful to the pet.

Inability to remove wastes – As long as your pet is feeding well, it should be eliminating wastes. If there is no waste, then that is an indication that it has a medical condition.

Excessive vomiting – When your pet vomits, it loses a lot of fluids so take it to the nearest emergency vet in Durham.

Balance or listing issues – The issues are caused by neurological damages. If your pet walks different than it does persistently, take your pet to an emergency vet in Durham. The balance issues can be as a result of a tumour or an illness. If the condition is left unattended to, it can lead to bigger issues.

Restlessness – Your pet may be suffering from bloating, discomfort or chronic pain. Act quickly as the condition is very uncomfortable and if it is serious, it can be life threatening.

Ashfield Veterinary Surgery offers professional emergency care 24 hours a day. Contact us for emergency services for your pets.

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