5 Types of Pipe Tobacco Sold Around the World

by | Jan 11, 2017 | Electronic Cigarettes

Choosing the right tobacco to smoke in a pipe is much like choosing the right wine to have with dinner. It takes some experience smoking different tobaccos to find which ones you like best. Here are five different tobaccos available to pipe smokers.

Virginia Tobacco

Virginia tobacco is grown in the United States and used as pipe tobacco all around the world. Some of the best Virginia tobacco is naturally clean-smoking and sweet, so it is used in many aromatic or flavored blends. Virginia tobacco, as with any other pipe tobaccos, is sold as sliced, flake or uncut tobacco.

Burley Tobacco

This is the second-most common pipe tobacco used for blending tobaccos. Burley is air cured tobacco, which is done in open barns allowing the air flow over the tobacco for a month or two. It is cased with sugar, since it has none of its own, and provides the smoker with a rich, full-flavored smoking experience.

Oriental Tobacco

Oriental pipe tobacco comes from Eastern Mediterranean countries like Greece, Cyprus and Turkey. Some of the best Oriental tobaccos are called Turkish tobaccos. Their flavors are spicy and some of their aromas are reminiscent of incense.

Latakia Tobacco

This is the most well-known of the spice tobaccos and is grown mainly in Cyprus and the northern parts of Syria. The leaves of the tobacco are cured over burning aromatic woods and herbs. It is largely used in English blended tobaccos because it can be harsh for some smokers due to its cured smokiness.

Cavendish Tobacco

This isn’t really a type of tobacco, but a type of tobacco processing. It’s a Virginia tobacco cured and cut in a special process to bring out its natural sweetness.

Pipe tobaccos come in a variety of blends and flavors, so it may take years before you find your absolute favorite tobacco. Do not give up; you are only just starting on a journey which will turn you into a true tobacco connoisseur.

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