Best Practices in Concrete Pumping for Safety

by | Oct 28, 2016 | Business

In the business of concrete pumping in Cardiff, it is very often that employees incur injuries to their bodies while operating the pump, mostly due to lack of proper care. These incidences are unfortunate, and can be avoided. Here are some practices that may save your life or loss of a limb.

* You must also always the manufacturer’s operating manual before cleaning the pump or repairing it.

* It is important to conduct regular checks on the pump as well, to ensure that it is in proper condition, and minimize risk of malfunction and consequently, injuries. For example, you should check the hoses for spots, and look out for thin metal.

* Ensure you buy quality hoses and clamps, and conduct daily checks. If you discover any that is defective, make sure you mark it and keep it aside.

* Change your hydraulic oil as often as it is required in the manufacturer’s manual. Also, make sure you also change your hydraulic fuel filter, motor oil filter, and fuel filter as is instructed.

* You should never pump with low accumulator pressure. Always make sure it is charged according to your pump manufacturer’s guidelines.

* Ensure you check your hitch every day to prevent it from dislodging while in operation.

* It is a must for your company to provide you with safety and use training before you start operating the concrete pump or any other machinery. This will help you to have the skills to efficiently run the pump, as well as make you aware of potentially harmful practices.

The safety of our workers is of utmost importance as we are well aware that a safe staff will be more productive, and that is crucial in the concrete pumping in Cardiff. Should you require more information, contact us today.

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