How to choose a concrete pumping Machine

by | Oct 28, 2016 | Concrete

Concrete is required in all construction projects. Constructors find it challenging to work with concrete as it is difficult to transport and work with. To reduce the challenges caused by concrete, the industry has invented some strategies for pumping concrete. For you to benefit from the concrete pumping services, you need to consider a few factors.

Type of machine

There are different concrete pump machines available depending on your needs. A boom pump machine is a vehicle with a pump and concrete on board. They are efficient and can reach long distances so they do not have to be moved to pump concrete to various locations. A separate placing boom is used to transport concrete to areas that are hard to reach with the boom truck. They are mounted on strong frameworks and they pour large amounts of concrete.

A line pump is a movable pump that can be used to pour sludge, mortar, grout, and other building materials. Though convenient in places where there are a number of constructions going on, they are not self-sufficient: the concrete must be prepared and stored in a different place.

Your needs

Concrete pumping in Newport relies on the amount of concrete you need for the project. There is no need to hire a high output machine if you have a light job and vice versa. Before hiring a concrete machine, you need to ascertain if you need a special driver’s license to operate the machine or the hiring company has operators on hire.

As you look for a machine for concrete pumping in Newport, consider the work that you want it to do for you. Do you want it to transport the concrete and pump it for you, or what services are you looking for?

A satisfied customer always comes back again. Our services at South Wales Concrete Pumping are focused on meeting the needs of the customer. We look at your project before hiring a pump to you. This is because; we want you to hire a pump that fully meets your needs. Talk to us today, we have a variety of pumps to choose from so you will find a suitable pump.

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