Canine health: Taking care of your dog in the summer

by | Jun 10, 2016 | Veterinarian

Everybody looks forward to summer every year. It’s a great time to head outdoors with your dog and get some sun but unknowingly it can be detrimental to your canine’s health if overlooked. Dogs are prone to various health issues during the summer because of their biological make-up. During summer, it is advised that your monitor your dog’s health daily to make sure no complications arises.

It is known that the biological make-up of a dog makes it hard for them to sweat. Their sweat glands don’t work the same way humans does. To cool themselves, dogs pant and salivate which are not effective ways as a cooling method. On top of that, their thick fur traps heat and creates a heated environment within their body. The combination of the two effects makes dogs prone to various health issues like heat exhaustion and stroke.

As a precaution against health issues during the summer, it is advised that you hydrate your dog regularly and make sure your dog has sufficient nutrients. As an owner, you should also be aware of signs of deteriorating health. If your dog shows signs of lethargy, intense panting or salivating profusely, you should start trying to hydrate them and cool them down. But once they start having loose stools, vomiting or they black out for no reason, it could be something more serious and you should bring your dog to the local emergency vet in County Durham immediately.

To avoid any complications during the summer, try not to take your dog out for walks during the hottest time of the day and make sure that they are well hydrated throughout the day. Summer time can be a fun period of the year but neglecting your dog’s health will make everything go downhill.

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