Finding a good removals company in Leicestershire

by | Jun 13, 2016 | Mover

No matter what the circumstances of your move are, even if you’re headed for the home of your dreams, few people enjoy the process. Many people have horror stories of what happened to their possessions en-route, of how many items were broken, or how a truck broke down and left their precious belongings exposed on the side of the road. When it comes to moving, it’s definitely worth taking time to find out what previous customers have to say about a company, and how any problems were dealt with. While some companies are able to provide much cheaper quotations than others, always bear in mind that your home is stocked with things that you have taken many years to lovingly accumulate, and you should be careful to whom you entrust them. This is when taking time and doing a little research will be truly important.

Who to partner with?

For a start, there is a British Association of Removals (BAR) that gives a guarantee of a certain standard of service. Professional moving companies know that it’s not just about being strong enough to lift furniture, but that movers also need the knowledge of how to pack up your items as well as how best to stack these in a removals van. You would want to know that your removals company is sending you a well-trained team of people who are known for their care and honesty. Accidents do happen and you should always have insurance, but some items have value only to you, and simply being paid out for them isn’t a sufficient replacement. You can visit here to get more details.

A good way to assess a company is often by the state of their offices and the look of their vehicles. If the removal vehicles are clean and look in good condition, the chances are that they’ve been well maintained. Neat and efficient offices are also a sign of professionalism. Should anything go wrong, and the company is a member of BAR, you will have recourse and will be able to address your complaints to the association.

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