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One of the factors that deters most property owners from starting renovations is the inconvenience. If you’re living in a town like Cardiff that has restricted access to homes and some narrow, winding lanes, the thoughts of getting builders into your site, particularly when it comes to having concrete pumped, is enough to give you pause. Even if it’s a new home or building that’s being constructed, getting access to the various pipes for concrete pumping can provide extreme challenges, and many have had to console the neighbours and apologise for blocking roads and restricting traffic. With good planning, though, and choosing the right company, the unavoidable inconvenience can be minimised as far as possible,

Choose a company in Cardiff with a boom pump

Fortunately, there is advanced technology that now allows concrete to be pumped to most areas without too much difficulty. Some companies have pipes that will go right through homes and will not leave any mess behind. For others, they will assure you that they can pump concrete up and down hills and that they won’t be using out-riggers, so will keep the blocking of roads to a minimum. Any company that operates in this area is fully aware of the challenges that may be faced and will have made allowances for the conditions. Their job is to ensure that you as the client receive your concrete exactly where you need it and will probably have many metres of pipeline available. You can visit here for more information.

Discussing the effectiveness of the pumping process

Once again, if you are in a situation where access is a problem, the less time you can cause disturbance to the neighbours, the better. Find out from your supplier how quickly they are able to discharge their load. If a boom pump is employed, the Cardiff streets will be cleared much more rapidly. If the company relies on wheelbarrows to ferry the concrete to its destination, it will obviously be a much longer process. Sometimes, companies hire out pumps to those needing larger amounts of concrete. In this situation, the concrete can be rapidly discharged into the pump, and the contractor can then direct the concrete to wherever it’s needed. The most important thing is to have a discussion with expert staff at the various concrete supply companies before making a decision. Once you have all the information in place, you will be able to plan for the most efficient and cost-effective solution.

Arranging for concrete pumping can often cause problems with congestion and can inconvenience the neighbourhood. South Wales Concrete Pumping has invested in robotic arm boom pumps in Cardiff for maximum efficiency.