Why you should choose Liquid over Traditional Screed

by | Nov 21, 2016 | Concrete

To have a durable floor, then you must choose your flooring material wisely. The screed determines the durability and the quality of the base. In the past, a traditional option has been used but now, there is a new option: the liquid screed. The screed is laid down on the ground before laying the final part.

Why is the liquid screed better than the traditional one?

* The liquid screed flows freely so it fills up all spaces without leaving gaps. Therefore, there are no air spaces left on the floor which makes it compact. This is not the care for traditional screed.

* It is easy to lay the screed. It flows on its own so less manpower and effort is needed. For traditional screed, you need to physically push it for it to spread well.

* The time taken to lay the liquid screed in Newport is not much. Actually, the floor is ready for use 24 hours after laying the screed. When traditional screed is applied, the floor takes time before it can dry up. The liquid one dries up faster because only a thin layer is applied making it light. A thick layer is applied when using the traditional option.

* Floors that make use of the liquid screen in Newport are more durable than those who use traditional screed.

* The liquid option woks better when installing heating systems in the house.

We are experts in laying liquid screed in Newport. If you want a smooth floor and one that lasts for long, then call our flooring specialists at South Wales Concrete Pumping. Using liquid screed is a sure way of making sure that your floor withstands all kinds of pressure without being damaged. Your floor will also be smooth and appealing. We know you want a good and stable floor, and we are here to make sure you get exactly that.

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