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Why are flat roof problems so prevalent yet the roofs have been around for some time? The problems can be traced back to the operation, construction and design of the roof. The problems can be avoided by regular maintenance, cleaning, examining the functionality, and flat roof repairs in Weston Super Mare.


Roofs experience the effects weather changes more than any other part of the house. The changes can affect the material from which the roof is made up of. If you fail to maintain your roof, there will be fungus, roof moisture and leaks. A poorly insulated roof leads to leaks and flooding from melted ice and snow. Heat escapes from the premises to the house and heats the snow and ice on the roof. As a result, the gutters, downspouts, membrane and flashings are damaged.


Thermal insulation for your roof should take into consideration the moisture and temperature. The thermal insulation chosen should eliminate conditions necessary for the growth and development of mould on the walls and ceiling. The material should also not allow for condensation between roofing layers.

Most contractors who have carried out flat roof repairs in Weston Super Mare have confirmed that most problems related to waterproofing are as a result of contracting non-qualified contractors. Special equipment is required for waterproofing and if it is not used, then the roof leaks. Again if the home owner uses cheap materials for their flat roof, they should expect flat roof problems.


Some people install their HVAC units, TV antennas, ventilation and other rooftop equipment on the roof. The equipment can damage your roof leading to rooftop problem. For people who prefer to have a green roof, be careful about the thickness of the grass as there is a set thickness. When cultivating, be careful not to damage the roof.

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