Types of Scaffolds

by | Nov 17, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

Did you know that 65% of people working in a construction site work on scaffolding? Contractors at construction sites report high number of accidents related to or incurred when operating scaffolds. It is therefore important for every precaution to be taken to ensure safety when scaffolding in Glasgow. Apart from scaffolds being used on construction sites, they are used in commercial and residential property when decorating or repairing the property.

Scaffolding in Glasgow must meet two factors for it to be successful; you must rent or hire the right scaffold and you must observe safety when using them. Aluminium, timber or steel is used to make the scaffolds. To be able to reach the lower and higher levels, some platforms are built on the framework. Scaffolds can either be fixed or mobile.

* Fixed scaffolds – They are constructed besides a building and they can either be putlog or independent. The independent scaffolds have uprights and standards on both sides of their platforms. The scaffolds can stand on their own without support from the building as they have support from the uprights. The putlogs are supported by the building on their inner side but their outer side has uprights and standards. For extra support, putlogs have flattened ends which are placed in between the courses of brickwork.

* Mobile scaffolds – The scaffolds are mounted on castors and wheels which allow the scaffold to move and swivel from one place to another.

Suspended scaffolds have a suspended platform hence they can move lower or higher to reach the target level. Scaffolds used to clean outer windows on high buildings are examples of suspended scaffolds. Hanging Bracket Scaffolds are horizontal structures supported by floors of the edifice or building under construction.

Our team at Check-It Scaffold Services advises our client to consider the purpose of the scaffold, the scope of the project, the budget, and other factors so we can give an accurate quote. Contact us today.

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