Garage Doors 101

by | May 4, 2017 | Garage Doors

Need to know information about garage doors and garage door repairs in Newport and the nearby areas:

* Add special flare and curb appeal to your home. A beautiful high end garage door helps your home stand out from the others and can be a great attention getter for your home.

* The curb appeal boost a garage door can add to your home can make it easier to sell when you decide to put your home up on the market.

* You can save energy with a good garage door because think about it, every time you open the door of your home to go into the garage some of the air leeks out. If this air is kept in the garage rather than being allowed to escape into the atmosphere it can help keep the home warmer or cooler and lower energy use.

* A strong garage door can act as a shield and helps protect your home from flying debris during a storm.

* Modern garage door systems are designed to be automated so they can be programmed to tell you when they have been left open or they can be set up n timers to open and close at certain times automatically.

* For many families today, the garage door is replacing the front door as more and more people are simply pulling to the garage, close the door and enter the home that way.

* You also get an opportunity to personalize the look of your home with the garage door that you choose for your home and it is a chance to let your creative taste show.

* The final thing to remember about garage doors is that they need to be installed and repaired by a licensed and experienced professional!

For help with garage door repairs in Newport and the surrounding areas, contact Access Garage Doors today!

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