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Have you ever encountered a house fire? It is traumatizing. Fire accidents kill thousands of people every year in homes, public places and offices. Unfortunately, most people are caught unawares since there are no fire alarms where the fire happens.

There are three main advantages of installing a fire alarm in Devon in your premises;

1. Ease of flexible placement – You can place the equipment anywhere in your premise except too close to places where there is smoke to avoid unnecessary triggers.

2. Early warning – The most dangerous fires are those that take place in rooms that are not frequented. The fire spreads so fast without anyone’s knowledge and by the time the fire is noticed, the damages are way too serious. Fire alarms help to alert people who may be asleep at the time of the fire. Such people are in danger of inhaling harmful smoke if they are not woken up. Smoke has been known to kill more people than fire so it saves life when the occupants are woken up. The warning sign saves the lives of people who need to escape from the premises in good time. It is normal for exits to be crowded as everyone wants to save their lives but when the alert is sounded early, everyone or most people have enough time to escape.

3. Immediate help – Fire alarm alert signals reach the people in the house and to the fire alarm provider. If there is no one in the house, the fire alarm provider can send immediate help to control the situation. They can send medical help for the injured people and personnel to help evacuate anyone trapped in the premises.

Talk to us today if you want to install fire alarms in Devon for your home or commercial premise. We are experienced and we have quality systems ready for installations. Ace Fire & Security is your fire protection partner.