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It can be extremely frustrating to have your company’s walk-in freezer or cold counter to stop working properly. Depending on when the equipment stops functioning, can vary on how badly it can impact your business. If an island freezer breaks down in the middle of the night while your business is closed, you could be facing a large financially impact if you have to dispose of the food items. This does not include how much it will take to replace the products that spoiled. That is why it is important to provide routine maintenance to your refrigeration system on a regular basis. Refrigeration engineers in Exeter can provide the care you need to keep your appliance in top condition. One of the greatest benefits of hiring an expert, they know which parts commonly need repair. They can provide the maintenance required to prevent them from becoming damaged and your equipment from breaking down at an inconvenient time.

Factors to Consider when Searching for an Engineer

* How long have they been providing their services?

* Do they have a reputation built up in your community, is it a good reputation of bad?

* Are they qualified to provide the services to you and have a vast knowledge of refrigeration systems?

* How quickly can they come work on your equipment? Time is sensitive when you are dealing with an important machine breaking down.

* Do they stay on top of the latest information and training available?

Do Not Let Your Company Suffer Call a Professional Immediately

You cannot risk an extreme downtime with your refrigeration system, each hour that the equipment is not working can be costing your company money. KJR Refrigeration understands the importance of repairing your appliances as quickly as possible. They offer their clients 24-hour service and can begin working on your system any time you require them. From catering equipment to air conditioning systems, they offer their clients with the reliable and friendly service that they need.