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A damaged roof will most likely lead to leakages. If your roof is damaged during summer, you rarely notice it until the rains starts falling. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to repair when the rains are already falling unless you do it just when the rains are beginning to fall. You need to call a professional immediately for flat roof repairs in Bristol if you identify a leaking roof. The leakage can damage your structure and the interior fittings in your home.

Here is how you can identify a leaking roof so that you curb the negative effects that results from the leakage;

* Soak the roof – Pour water on your roof using a garden hose pipe or a sprinkler. If there are any leaks, you will be able to see them. In case your ceiling has some cracks, you will also ascertain if the cracks are related to water damages or not.

* Internal inspection – Check the ceilings on the upstairs rooms for water leakages marks. The most common cause of a damp area on the ceiling is a leaking roof.

* Flat roof repairs in Bristol are needed if you notice mould growing near vents, chimneys or skylights. The mould is a sign of a developing leak. In places where tiles overlap or around joints, leaking is prevalent so be careful about such areas when examining for leakages.

Instead of examining the leakages for yourself, why not call our specialists? It is easy to miss a sign of a leaking roof and it is a tedious job. We are here to do the dirty work for you. Our specialists at Aquagard Roofing Solutions will not only identify a leaking flat roof but will also give you a remedy. We have the experience and equipment needed for any inspection, maintenance and repair job. Call us today and you will not be disappointed.