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It is always cheaper to prevent negative effects than to remedy them. The same can be said of roofing in Nottingham. It will cost you less to carry out maintenance service on your roof than to repair or replace it. A well maintained roof can last 15 years or more. How to maintain your roof;

* Trim branches lying on the roof– Leaves and pine needles can damage your roof if left lying on the roof for a long time. They attract and retain moisture thereby leading damaged roof tiles. Damaged material makes the roof weak. Your roof’s drainage can be blocked by the falling leaves making it difficult for water to flow down the roof. Make sure you remove any debris on top of your roof also if there is any. Trimming the branches will not cost you much but it will in the long run save you a lot of cash on roof repairs.

* Inspect the roof – Take time to inspect your roof two times in a year; mostly in fall and spring. It is also important to examine your roof after a storm. During inspection, check to see if there are any damages and repair them immediately.

* Remove mould and mildew – The two can lead to holes on the roof. Clean them when you notice them. To prevent them from growing, place zinc strips at the highest point of your roof. When it rains, the zinc will be washed off from the roof thereby preventing mildew and mould from growing.

* Repairs damaged roofing in Nottingham – Work on any damaged shingles or parts or portions of the roof.

The inspection work is best left too professionals like specialists at W R Leivers. Contact us for any roofing services. We will be there to help you inspect, repair, or replace your roof.