Installing a High Quality Burglar Alarm System in Basingstoke

by | Nov 27, 2015 | Security

Most businesses and private homes are having burglar alarms installed – not only does this allow families to feel safe in their homes, it also allows those working in a business to feel secure that intruders will be kept out. If you think about visiting a bank or any other financial institution, you know that customers and their valuable assets need to be protected. Likewise, there is an increasing need to heighten safety in schools and at universities. In fact, almost every public and private space needs to ensure that the security of the inhabitants receives serious attention.

Choosing the right burglar alarm

If you live in Basingstoke, you will be able to find local burglar alarm installers. Some homes and businesses install alarms that simply activate a siren. The purpose of this is to create a loud noise that alerts neighbours and scares away the intruder. However, more protection is offered if you install a monitored alarm system. As well as providing a siren, a monitored alarm also sends a signal to a local control centre (sometimes known as an Alarm Receiving Centre). A local company will know of the best control centres available and can advise you accordingly. Visit here for more information.

In addition to this, there are regulations involved in installing a monitored alarm. The Police need to approve the system – failing this, they will not respond to a call from the control centre. The Police have regularly been called out on false alarms, and this is one way in which they can ensure that alarms are properly installed and serviced. The current regulation from the Police is that your alarm system needs to be serviced twice a year. If you use burglar alarm installers in Basingstoke, you may be able to negotiate a service contract with them, which will reduce the cost of the system.

The best way to decide on a company to partner with is to discuss the matter with neighbours and friends. Find out from them whom they deal with, whether the maintenance is satisfactory, and how good the response time is if their system is monitored. Also, enquire how often they have false alarms because the system isn’t set properly or isn’t operating correctly.

Using CCTV cameras

Usually reserved only for businesses, some private homes are also having cameras installed on their properties. The old maxim is that alarms only operate when an intruder has broken into your home or business – what you really want is to keep them away entirely. Nothing deters a potential criminal more than seeing that your property is under constant surveillance. Some people may be put off by the perceived cost of these cameras, but specialist firms can provide tailored solutions that can be adjusted to suit a variety of budgets. Some companies can even assist you with financial arrangements to ensure that you get the best solution you need to protect your premises.

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