Make Your Trip to the UK Memorable with a Mercedes Luxury Rental in London

by | May 4, 2016 | Automotive

Have you often dreamed of travelling the UK, especially to London? Then, you will want to make the most of your travel experience by planning to get around town with a Mercedes luxury rental in London. You can also opt to have the car driven through a luxury transportation provider. Not only will you enjoy the benefit of luxury car travel in London, you can also receive the added prestige of having the car chauffeur-driven.

When planning a trip to the UK and London, you want to make your around-town transport a priority. What better way to see a prestigious city by being chauffeur-driven in a Mercedes luxury rental? The Mercedes Benz has always been the iconic symbol among cars that are not only distinguished, but mechanically superior too.

Anyone Who Loves Luxury will Love a Mercedes

If you love luxury and German engineering, driving in a Mercedes-Benz is a memorable way to see London. Karl Benz founded the Mercedes-Benz company in 1926 – a momentous occasion in luxury car manufacturing. Today, the company offers luxury vehicles as well as producing trucks, buses, and internal combustion engines. The automaker has made a name for itself, based on its precision engineering and the popularity of its vehicles.

A Top Contender

The Mercedes name establishes the automobile as one of the oldest brands in the world and best-established brand cars as well. It is one of the luxury automaker companies referenced as the ‘German Big 3.’ Many diplomats have also been driven in Mercedes automobiles. That is because the cars, when made as limousines, are manufactured with the highest quality materials and features, including bullet-proof glass. The racing cars made by the brand have made the car a top-most contender in prestigious racing circuits as well.

While you may not plan to acquire a Mercedes luxury rental to race around town, you can certainly see the wisdom in choosing this vehicle for its luxury and reliability. The car is available in a number of classes – C class, E class, CLA class, and CLS class. The various classes are featured in a number of body styles and highlight engines that come in a number of ranges of power and performance.

The E-class comes standard with rear-wheel drive and a seven-speed automatic transmission. Whether you drive the vehicle or have it chauffeur-driven, you will enjoy composed handling and a smooth ride. Within any of the Mercedes cars, you will note an interior that is made with premium-grade materials and exemplifies a sophisticated design. Rear seats are generally spacious and feature an infotainment system as well. Whether you drive the car or someone else navigates it, new cars also include a driver drowsiness warning system in their design.

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