Whether you are visiting London on holiday or business, the trip is made more special when you can hire a luxury car to get around and see the sights of the city. After all, London is one of the world’s most prestigious cities. It stands to reason that the car you drive should be prestigious too.

What Would You Like to Drive?

If you plan to venture into such streets as Chelsea or Knightsbridge, you will need to travel in a luxury vehicle – one that stands above the rest. You can find a number of rental cars available for hire that underscore the city’s sophistication and will accommodate your travel plans. For example, you can choose from sedans to more exotic models of cars in the following distinguished vehicles and makes of cars:

*   Ferrari

*   Bentley

*   Aston Martin

*   Porsche

*   Mercedes

*   Range Rover

What Kind of Car Best Fits Your Personality?

It just depends which vehicle best fits your tastes and preferences. If you want to dash here and there around town, then you will want to check out the Ferrari or Porsche. If luxury and conservatism better fits your personality, then you will want to look into renting an Aston Martin or Bentley. Adventurous drivers like navigating the road in the Range Rover, while traditionalists appreciate seeing the town in a Mercedes Benz.

If you want to escape London for a day or two, the Range Rover is the car that is often recommended for this kind of getaway. You can choose form such models as the Evoque or Vogue to see the English countryside. An executive car hire in London will help you see the capital as well as the outer boundaries.

If you prefer not to drive yourself, then you will want your executive car hire to include the services of a chauffeur. Requisitioning the services of a driver is an ideal way to become acquainted with London, especially if it is your first time in the city. Even if this is not your first trip to London, a chauffeur can make getting around a more relaxing experience.

If you do go with a luxury car provider, make sure you find one that can extend its services to chauffeur-driven vehicles as well. That way, you have the latitude of seeing the town in one of several ways. You can pick the make and model of the car and also hire a driver if you so choose. This type of executive car hire will make it possible for you to see London on your own terms.

The company you select should stand behind a commitment that includes offering the ultimate in premium services and cars. Make sure that the transport provider supplies the kind of services you would naturally expect from a luxury car hire company.