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Sash windows in Oxted are one of the most popular window options for modern homes. While outward-opening casement options are the most popular, sash windows are highly popular throughout the UK. They work well for period homes, but they look good on modern homes, as well. Their traditional style helps elevate your property. It might not be ‘expensive’ or ‘grand,’ but it will add value and aesthetic appeal to the home. Along with such, these windows are versatile to work well with country homes, modern homes, and contemporary styles.

Sash windows in Oxted are safe and secure. You can only open one panel at a time. That means thieves aren’t likely to get inside as easily. It also means that you can open the top panel and prevent pets or children from falling out. You can also add more locking mechanisms if you so desire. These windows are also low-maintenance. While most of them are made of timber, it is treated and painted with micro-porous paint. This helps to build strength from within the wood so that mould can’t grow and moisture can’t accumulate. You’re not likely to need much more than a new coat of micro-porous paint every seven or so years.

The Window Sanctuary offers sash windows in Oxted. You can improve the style and appearance of your home with these window options. Skilled craftsmen design these windows, which are all made of hardwood or pine. They’re manufactured to the highest quality, so you get the best product possible. The professionals here are skilled at installing the windows on a variety of homes. Therefore, you can ensure the perfect fit that is customized to your needs. If you have questions or want to consider other window options, you can call on the friendly professionals here for advice to learn about all of your options.