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Dry rot in Edinburgh is actually quite common. Some people are living with this condition in their home and they are not even aware that there is a problem. If your home has a musty, dank scent, it may smell a bit earthy you may have some dry rot in your timber. Many people may have heard the term but they are not actually aware of what it is. It is actually a living breathing organism that eats the timber in your home.

Dry rot is a fungus that thrives on wood. It starts as a microscopic spores and then grows from there if the conditions are right. This type of attack on your timber is also called “brown rot” because of the look it has when it flourishes. Like all fungus this fungus needs a dark damp place to thrive. The joists in your floors and walls are all a good place for fungus that will eat your timber to thrive.

The Ideal Conditions

In many older homes that ideal conditions for dry rot to thrive. If the home has been constructed using:

* Limestone mortar

* Flintstone

* Thick brickwork or stones

It can be more prone to this problem but any home that is damp is liable to become infected with this issue. Homes that are built directly on the dirt without being lifted to allow air flow are a prime breeding ground, homes that live in areas with high water tables can also be problematic. Roofs that are in disrepair can be the culprit or even if the property has old windows there is always a risk that dampness will get in.

The Cure

Getting rid of rot can be a challenge without the right support. There are chemicals and epoxies that can be used to prohibit the growth but there is typically a bit of work that also needs to be done. The final stage of dry rot causes sections of the timber to crumble so there is likely some sections of timber that have to be replaced/repaired. Usually this is not an isolated condition and it is best to have the entire home inspected for other areas of growth to ensure complete control. You can click here to get more information.

With proper treatment, repair and prevention you can rid your home of this invasive species and get rid of that dank musky scent that permeates from it. The safety of your property depends on getting rid of dry rot.

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